I have a question for all you mom's & mom's to be now that I'm expecting...

How long did it take an OB-GYN to get you in after you found out you were pregnant? I found out Wednesday, June 24th & called the OB the 25th & they said the earliest they could see me is July 20th because anything else would be too early...well after talking to a few "mommy" friends most all were surprised my 1st OB appointment is so far away.

    Tristen was my first and I was about twelve weeks along with him before my first visit. With Vivian I was about 9 weeks pregnant, almost ten.
    So it's normal for them to wait so long, or did you not find out until you was a little further along?
    Unless you know of an issue or problem you have it is totally normal for them to wait that long. I knew before my missed period that I was pregnant with both of them. As long as you've gotten a positive home pregnancy test they wait to get you in. The only thing they can really do before that is confirm pregnancy. They like to wait to do the first round of bloodwork and things like that until at least 8 weeks.
      Most dr's offices make you wait until you are at least 8 weeks to be seen unless there is some medical reason you need to be seen because there really isn't much you can do. My drs office does a sono at the first appt to confirm how far along you are and then does the bloodwork the 2nd appt. Though every dr's office is different and may do things at slightly different times, but the not seeing you until your at least 8 weeks is very normal.
        Melissa Middleton
        Mine doesn't want to see anyone until they are eight weeks. I am also seeing a nurse practitioner 2-3 times before I see an actual OB.
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