what was the age you put your child into a big kid bed... from crib to bed? I am thinking I will be putting my guy who is now 2 and a half into a bid boy bed soon... his bday is end of December... really like him to be in it before... but want to wait till I have new bedding for it before he sleeps in the bed... should I wait till his bday or have it a early Christmas or bday present?

    My daughter and I coslept so she went right from sleeping with me to a twin bed at 3. I would have done it earlier but she just loved sleeping with me lol. My 10 month old son sleeps in a pack n play because he HATES the crib, I always say once they can climb it's best to move them because you don't want them falling out. Once my son is tired of his pack n play he'll probably go right into a bed. I've never seen the point of using a toddler bed. His crib converts to one so I may try it, depends on how old he is when he gets tired of or too big to sleep in his pack n play
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