1st Bday Gifts

My son will be one in August and I'm trying to decide what to get him, and have other people get him for his Birthday. He has a ridiculous amount of clothing so I've asked everyone to please not get him clothes lol. Also with the apt building I live in we don't have a backyard(its our parking lot instead) and we can't leave toys out in the front yard, which makes getting outdoor toys for him difficult because it has to be something that can easily be taken in and out of the house each time he plays with it. So I'm wondering what other kinds of toys your 1yr olds like? Or what kind of educational toys are good for that age? He's crawling, standing and cruising, I expect him to be walking very soon and he says a couple words, mainly mama and minmin(his sisters nickname lol) and sometimes I think he says yea and num num when he wants food haha. He's been using a convertible car seat since my dad got him one at xmas so that isn't needed. It's been so long since my daughter was little(shes 12) that I can't remember what are good things to get for them. What do you ladies suggest?

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