Is it just me?

Are there any other Moms who have come to almost hate the holidays? Today was a total nightmare! Another holiday fail for me, my husband complained about everything, Tristen threw about 45 screaming fits and Vivian cried ALL day! Every holiday seems to be the same. All I want is some peaceful, nice family time....

    Bethany Reilly
    We just stayed home and hung out here all day and let me tell you... It was great! My husband and I aren't too big on holidays. We like to celebrate but with kids I just feel like being home! Lol
      Holidays are stressful. Every holiday my husband and I say that we are going to stay home, but somehow get suckered into it every holiday. My husband gets stuck prepping/cooking the entire meal because his family doesn't like to for the kids, the oldest comes home forgetting all her manners because her cousins never use theirs and the baby is always super cranky because they feel the need to wake her up as soon as they see about to take a nap.
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