Starting Cereal

Hi moms! I have a feeding question. Last week I started Amelia on some cereal. She turned 5 months last week. I tried some cereal and a little formula warmed up a tad. Not a lot of luck. The nurse suggested mixing in a little baby banana. Better luck but it's so hit and miss! She's eaten all of it a few times but other times just half or none at all (like today!).....Any advice? How did 1st time feeding go with your little ones?

    Bethany Reilly
    We waited with our son until he was 6 months and we will wait with our daughter. My sons pediatrician suggested trying veggies first. So we did and we didn't give him oatmeal until he was older after he'd been introduced to fruits and veggies. Their main source of nutrition should come from breast milk or formula for the first year anyways. I always gave Malachi his bottle of formula before any feeding of cereal or fruits or veggies and he normally only ate a little bit. Right now, especially as young as 5 months, you're feeding them solids for the social interaction. Not for nutrition. So I wouldn't be too worried if she doesn't eat much.