Two Kids Vs. Three Kids

Hubby and I have been going back and forth together about having another baby. Yesterday it all made sense. Three kids= More expenses, they would outnumber us, and we do not have any room in the girl's room. Things are so expensive these days. If we wanted to send our kids to camp, it would be way more pricey having more than two kids. We want to be able to invest in the activities they want to do. I am the oldest of six and my parents were always struggling financially and with their relationship. It's difficult to have some couple time when there are six monsters asking you for things 24/7 and what kind of crazy person would want to babysit six kids? Yikes! I didn't get to be a girl scout or play softball like I wanted to because there was no time for my parents to even be there and they didn't have money for that. So hubby and I are pretty set on just keeping it at two.

    My husband and I had the same discussion after our second daughter was born as to whether we would ever try for the boy and we decided to stop at two and enjoy our little girls. Our seven year old is in dance and wants to play soccer in the fall and our seven month old is in daycare and developing quite an appetite lately :) Financially, we can afford everything that they need/want and still have a tiny bit of money left over to do stuff on the weekends. I know this might sound heartless, children really are an investment, emotionally and financially.
      I think that us parents should do whatever we think is right for our family. It's a tough call and there are a lot of pros and cons to anything. My husband wanted a boy so badly. When we found out we were having another girl, he was sad. But now he wouldn't trade our baby girl for anything. It's awesome, Christina, because we have older girls that can help with the babies ! They are into their own "big" girl world. So that works out! lol I can't imagine having two babies under two like my sister. She is so stressed out all day :( My mom was stressed out all day! How did she manage to keep six kids alive? And now she has a daughter the same age as my oldest! lol >.<
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