Toddler screams all the time :(

Can anyone PLEASE help me with this?? Ben screams about anything and everywhere. Home and out in Public. He screams when he wants something, he screams when he's happy, he screams when he's tired.

We have tried EVERYTHING from using stern voices, time outs, bopping on the hand or bottom and NOTHING is working.

    I know this sounds strange but it has been working the best out of everything for us and Tristen is the most stubborn kid I know. I don't have a corner I can put him in, so we have "wall time" I make him stand in front of the wall, hands at his sides, face straight and looking at the wall. He is not allowed to lean on the wall or look anywhere else. He is not allowed to come away from the wall until he stands like he is supposed to without crying or screaming. When he looks away or moves his arms I as gently as possible put him back how I want him to stand. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes and sometimes only 30 seconds depending on how worked up he is but it helps instill that we don't resolve things with yelling (we had gotten into a bad raising our voice habit) and that he is not in control but we are. I don't say a word to him during the whole time he is in front of the wall. There is a point in the whole process where you can see him just instantly relax and then he's good. I normally have him stand there about 10 seconds and ask him if he is done and ready to listen to Mommy. If he says yes I let him turn around and normally he gives me a kiss and a hug and I tell him why he had to stand there. I keep it simple like "you have to mind Mommy or you get wall time" or "you can't scream or you get wall time." The nice part about it is that you can find a "wall" anywhere. Even in mcdonalds we went into the stall and used the door as his wall. It greatly calms him down especially in public. He has been just calmer in general, we still have moments where it is a struggle but it has mostly helped calm him down over all.
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