Bought a Toddler leash

Do any of you use one? I know there is a backlash against it, but Benjamin runs WAY too fast for both of us and it's just DARN hard.

    We have one for Tristen. He is a runner too and SO fast! He actually asks for it when we go out because he's figured out he gets in less trouble and he doesn't have to go in the stroller. I don't really have anyone say anything. But I don't walk him like a dog on it either. He still has to hold my hand, the leash just ensures that he doesn't get away from me.
      I bought one for my oldest because we lived in the city when she was little. The sidewalks didn't leave much room for giant strollers and this way she could walk. Also, I wanted to make sure that she didn't run out in the streets before I could catch her. I bought a cute one so it looked like an accessory, a pink and purple hippo backpack with the leash attachment :)
        I do, we have an elephant leash and its so great to know she can't run off or get kidnapped.
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