tired of being ignored just need to talk to someone other then my 2 and a half year son.. he seems the only one who tries to comfort me... hubby knew I wasn't sleep I g well I. The past he has woken me up before I woke up crying from a dream,, not lately... family acts like I live so far away.. 30 minutes if that for some.. cousin who drives almost past my house to see her fiance.. Will not stop for a bit at all.. tired of feeling like I should have been born a different gender to my parents who have 3 boys and I am Only girl... my sister in law seems to get treated better then me.. and b r 's " baby mama" I don't existence in this world I guess.. feel like I am invisible... my mom feels " weird" taking pics of own grandson... getting put down too many times from her..... error I am no friends and feel like everyone sees me as a loser....sigh... done . Now have a nice day... ignore everything except the nice day line....sigh

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Been married over 3 years. Married to my best friend. Mother of a goofy 2year old boy and ttc for a girl.