Help...This Pregnancy is NOT Being Very Nice!!!

So everyone kept asking are you having morning sickness & I wasn't, but now 6 weeks 4 days I'm constantly getting sick...morning, noon, night & NOTHING seems to be helping. Does anyone have any little secrets that might help ease my stomach?

    Saltine crackers by your bed, eat a few before you get up.
    Papaya Enzyme really helped me (Walmart, $4 with the vitamins)
    SolarRay Morning Ease
    Eat what you are craving
    Peanut butter sandwiches

    And I really hate to tell you this , but sometimes it just can't be helped at all. Some times one thing will help one week, but not the next, or even day to day.

    If you can't keep anything down-especially water- talk to an OB ASAP.

    Hugs. You can do this!
      I was super sick with both and had to take meds with my second.
      Try and only eat things that sound good. Also if you are throwing up a lot, eat soft things or drink your fluids (protein drinks, milk) until you can keep something down. That way your body is at least absorbing some sort of calories even if you don't keep it down long, and it hurts less if you can't keep it down. I know there were a few times I would eat a meal, then get sick and my throat would bleed from throwing up.
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