Any tips on sleep training a one year old?

I know he's been co-sleeping for probably too long, but my SO gets up at 3 am so I don't want the baby crying to get him in trouble at work (he works around a lot of heavy machinery ). I can't put him in there tired but awake because the one time I did that and let him cry it out, my SO couldn't stand it and was worried it would make him hate the crib. The few times I have put him in there successfully is after was already in a deep sleep, and that only works some of the time because going from my arms to the bed wakes him up enough.

If I have to, I will let him cry it out and just tell my SO to sleep on the couch for a few days or a week until he gets it, but I doubt he'd be okay with that. Or I could try moving into the living room with the crib or our playpen.

Or does anyone know a fairly cheap sleep consultant I can contact? I found one online but I don't really have the $150+ that she charges. Or anyone in the Boise, ID area?

Megan GibbsMountain Home, Idaho
    When we went from cosleeping to putting them in their own beds, I have to lay down next to them. My five year old is just starting to reluctantly fall asleep without hanging onto me. We started the transition about two years ago. It depends on the day with the three year old. I couldn't pick them up and move them and have them stay asleep, so we just went for the big kid bed and I could be right there and sneak away-sometimes an inch at a time-once they were asleep.
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