Any tips on sleep training a one year old?

I know he's been co-sleeping for probably too long, but my SO gets up at 3 am so I don't want the baby crying to get him in trouble at work (he works around a lot of heavy machinery ). I can't put him in there tired but awake because the one time I did that and let him cry it out, my SO couldn't stand it and was worried it would make him hate the crib. The few times I have put him in there successfully is after was already in a deep sleep, and that only works some of the time because going from my arms to the bed wakes him up enough.

If I have to, I will let him cry it out and just tell my SO to sleep on the couch for a few days or a week until he gets it, but I doubt he'd be okay with that. Or I could try moving into the living room with the crib or our playpen.

Or does anyone know a fairly cheap sleep consultant I can contact? I found one online but I don't really have the $150+ that she charges. Or anyone in the Boise, ID area?

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