Has anyone else experienced this with their 2nd pregnancy

I feel like no one is really excited about my 2nd baby on the way. I am very excited and feel so blessed to have another child to enter my family but I feel like none of my family or friends are excited. My husband doesn't show barely any interest in this pregnancy. He wont rub my belly or talk to the baby like he did with the 1st. My c-section is planned and the baby will arrive here in 5 weeks and 2 days. Its upsetting because I am so happy and excited but I wish everyone else was especially my husband.

    I kinda get what you're saying. This is our second, too, and none of us are quite as excited as I feel we should be. Neither this one nor Nina were planned, and Nina seemed like a bigger deal since we found out about her 6 months in to the pregnancy and she was the first grandchild for our parents. This time everyone is happy to know anything we find out, but at the same time, it feels more...meh. That doesn't make it any less special, I mean, c'mon, we're gonna have a son! But at the same time, it's not that crazy excited feeling anymore. My husband still likes to talk to the baby every now and then, and gets happy when he thinks about how he'll have a boy now, but even I don't really have it on my mind as much. It probably doesn't help that we live so far away from family now.

    Have you tried mentioning this to him? I've always been told that it gets less exciting for a lot of people, the more babies you have. It doesn't make it less special by any means, but it's just not...that "new" feeling anymore.
      My husband was much more excited during the pregnancy of our first baby then he was with the pregnancy of our second, he was at almost every appointment with me. With our second one, He didn't even go to a single doctors check-up or ultrasound. He kept focusing on the stress of what preparations needed to be made to the house as we had to re-do the bedrooms to make a babies room and a new room for our oldest..........
        I can definitely relate. My bf chose not to acknowledge our 2nd baby until he knew we were out of the danger zone for a miscarriage. He also saids he has a lot on his mind like the added financial stress with another child. Thankfully baby girl has grown on him, and he's no longer being a jerk when I want to talk about her upcoming arrival next month. Both sides of our family didn't react with joy or excitement either as they know about our current finances. I don't let anyone's reactions get me down. I know that all babies are a reward from heaven. She is a true blessing to me as I didn't think I could have another baby so soon. It was 13 years before I finally had a viable pregnancy since my miscarriage. That was baby #1, bf's baby #4. This unborn baby and the other will be about a year apart. I'm more sad that no one has offered to throw me a baby shower even if it's just baby essentials.
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