Diet during Pregnancy

Okay, currently I no longer eat Pork, which has been on going for a year, no beef. no seafood except maybe tuna or Talapia, No chicken on the bone only boneless chicken. Plenty of Veggies and fruit. My food choices are beyond difficult but I know it is healthier. The problem is getting enough iron and protein from my food. My soon to be one year old also eats this way with addition of his formula. Please give me advice on this food struggle.

    Can I ask why you only eat boneless chicken?
    The broth you can make from chicken bones (or pork bones, or even steak bones, though chicken is really the best). Can give you so many vitamins.

    I cook with cast iron when I can, that helps keep our iron up.

    Other than that.. Take folate acid, iron supplements and talk to your doctor about the best way with your diet restrictions.
    I'm sorry. :(
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