Quick question...I'm a ftm so EVERYTHING is very new to me & exciting...I was at the OB getting my blood work done (haven't had an ultrasound yet, but will Monday) & I seen a flyer about their 4D gender revile ultrasound how it comes with a DVD of the ultrasound & pictures all that neat said you could do it as early as 15 weeks (me being impatient wants to know ASAP)...but a friend of mine said that even a 4D ultrasound that early could be wrong because it's still too early...did any of you have a 4D done early & was it right?

    We never did 4D but we had an ultrasound at almost every visit and even with the regular ultrasound machine the doc said that he was almost 100% sure she was a girl when I was about 13-14 weeks. We found out her gender for when I think I was a little over 18 weeks. So if baby is in a good position then there should be no reason why they wouldn't be able to tell. I am hard to convince and I made doc confirm to me at every appointment that she was still a girl. Lol
      Go to You can look up ultrasound places near you and the best rated places. Many woman have the 3-4D ultrasounds done at around 14 weeks to find out the gender. If they can't tell.. you get another appointment for free. Most of the reviews were really good about them. So I think I am going to go for it at 14 weeks. WHY NOT! :) Good luck!
        Thanks everyone. I talked to my OB today & she said they are pretty accurate, but if at 15 weeks they can't 100% tell they'll do another one free. So it's either $85 for just one or I can do a 3 pack for $215. Get one at 15 weeks. Then around 28 weeks, & then another around the end. I'm thinking of doing the 3 pack. :)
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