preggers stress/annoyances

Now that is getting closer in time to finding out if were having a boy or a girl. My family is driving me nuts . weve already agreed on a first name and that was a battle cause both mother in laws put there two cents into it and i stopped them in there track . so anyways theyre asking if Rowan is a boy or a girl and whats it middle name , then when i tell them oh were not telling about the gender. they get upset. why is family more worried about the gender when im more worried about what meals going to stay down?

4AmandaMarysville, Ohio
    Because family is nosey lol. Is this the first grand kid on either side? Moms tend to think they are entitled and privvy to information before anyone else. It's your perogative if you want to be tight lipped about baby's gender. The moment you give into the moms who want to know, they'll think they can run/manage you. Go with your original plan, and do not get manipulated by them :-)
    no its my fourth child and im the only one on my side of the family with children and on my husbands side this would be baby #10
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