34 weeks!

On Tuesday we got that 35 week mark. Our c section is scheduled for august 18. If the baby keeps having not so well nst then she could come earlier! I'm not so nervous about the birth as much as leaving my 1 and a half year old for a week. I know her dad can handle it but that's my baby! I'm with her 24/7 and you know us mom's do it best. I'm also nervous about her and baby and making sure I give them both the attention they need. I've had her help me fold clothes, stack diapers, set out swings and such and we practice feedibg with her dolls. I know these are common worries but I never thought I'd have one let alone two and so close in age! I know Nova will be a great sister once she gets use to the idea of sharing. But with her just now reaching the mine stage we shall see ;)

    that is exciting news :) Your daughter will adjust to sharing mommy with the new baby and she will love her new baby brother or sister.
    I had those same fears and this morning my oldest looked at her little sister and said "I will love you forever renee" and my heart just melted. So have faith in knowing that they will love each other in their own way.
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