I'm so confused! -_-

I've done all my research and nothing is making me less confused.

15-16th according to an ovulation calculator is my ovulation timing.

I felt the pains and cramps on my left side that day, they went away, I assumed ovulation pain

Today, I'm dealing with pulling pains in my uterus, they have stopped for the time being, but left me sore as hell there, & I'm seem to be bloated, and all week I've been setting aside how tired I am & the fact that my boobs are sore.

I done my research, I know if I have gotten pregnant, my body itself won't know that untill 6-12 days after ovualting & plus it's only one day.

People are saying, maybe I already ovulated earlier, Bc im irregular and I'm maybe feeling the early stages of Pregnacy.

Now I'm sitting here debating, worried, wondering & realizing how I've already began stressing myself out about this. -_-

- end vent.

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