I'm sad my Son keeps rejecting my comforting :(

Anytime he gets hurt I'm there to comfort him and he just pushes away and wants his Daddy :( It breaks my heart.

    I know it's hard but it's pretty normal. Try not to push your comfort on him and he will eventually come to you for it. Sometimes boys especially don't have time for the way us Moms like to comfort. Tristen likes a quick kiss and maybe a hug and he's done, even as a baby he was like that. If I try any thing more, he's pushing me away.
    Vivian at least for now likes to be held and kissed and rocked and talked too. And she doesn't want anyone but me when she is upset...Tristen will go to anyone.
      Mine go through spells where they want one or other parent.. My kids will get hurt (like skin a knee, get scratched by the cat) and won't want anything to do with it until daddy gets home in the afternoon..
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