Food for thought. How much freedom is too much for our kids?…

    I'm a helicopter, my kid is too young still. I would never let my kid go to a mall by herself until she's around 16- 20 lol. Seriously there are so many predators and bad people out there.
      I wandered around by myself when I was 6 until I was 9 (and that was on streets, through school, the woods, creeks, fields, neighborhoods, etc.) and we moved to a really bad neighborhood, and wasnt allowed to leave alone anymore until I was 14 and we moved again...I think 6 might be too young, now, but I spose it also depends on what kind of place you live in, who you know, how much you trust your neighbors. When I was 6, we knew almost literally everyone in a several mile radius around papa's farm. We walked to and from school every day, along the streets and through the fields. Would I let Nina or the coming baby do that now? No. Not until they were 14-16, probably, which is when I started to walk to and from school after that second move.
        I think it definitely depends on the community and how comfortable the parents are. In our little town, there are always preteens wandering around by themselves. We'll see what we decide to do with our kids when they get old enough.

        When I was 10, I was walking around our city by myself... I'd walk downtown to church (a good 20-30 block walk), but I always had to call mom's work and leave a message when I got there.

        I think it's good for kids to learn the independence, but it's not for every kid (even in the same family) and it really does depend on where you live.
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