Food for thought. How much freedom is too much for our kids?…

    I'm a helicopter, my kid is too young still. I would never let my kid go to a mall by herself until she's around 16- 20 lol. Seriously there are so many predators and bad people out there.
      I wandered around by myself when I was 6 until I was 9 (and that was on streets, through school, the woods, creeks, fields, neighborhoods, etc.) and we moved to a really bad neighborhood, and wasnt allowed to leave alone anymore until I was 14 and we moved again...I think 6 might be too young, now, but I spose it also depends on what kind of place you live in, who you know, how much you trust your neighbors. When I was 6, we knew almost literally everyone in a several mile radius around papa's farm. We walked to and from school every day, along the streets and through the fields. Would I let Nina or the coming baby do that now? No. Not until they were 14-16, probably, which is when I started to walk to and from school after that second move.
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