I really need help.

So I feel like a complete failure. I cannot form a good bond between me and my 2 month old because I am constantly getting after my 17 month old. No matter how hard I try to make her smile or laugh or just look at me it seems the more she cries and her brother is all about the mommy right now. I just don't know how all you women do it with more than one child. I feel so overwhelmed most of the time I can't get her to stop crying and him to stop climbing or putting things in his mouth. I know kids will be kids and I love both of mind dearly I just need some help on what i'm doing wrong.

    It takes time for the oldest to adjust to sharing mommy and sometimes little ones act out to get mommies attention. When we brought home our youngest home, all she did was cry for the first four months no matter my husband and I tried to do to sooth her. Because of this, our very independent seven year old started acting helpless and didn't want to do anything on her own anymore because she wanted our attention. This definitely made trying to calm down the baby much more difficult.
    My husband and I have starting taking turns taking our oldest out by herself to do things with her so that she still feels like she is getting special attention and it has worked.
    Honestly, Renee is seven months old now and she still has those days where all she does is cry and is just miserable no matter what we do.
    You are doing just fine as a mommy :)
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