Army life..

So, I am from the Boston area. My fiance lived in Cali .. Transferred with the Army. So, I moved here last year to be with him. He was suppose to be here just 3-4 years then they would move him again. And because he is a higher rank he can choose where.. So , I moved here to Cali last year to be with him. It's so hard because all my family and friends are in Mass.

He just got word that there is openings in Mass for him!! They will try to fight for him to get out there!! I am praying so hard! I just found out i'm preggo so this would be perfect timing. I really need my family right now.

Thanks. It's his last year out here so I pray they let him GO! That would be such a blessing. I give you credit. It's hard being alone, so far from my family. Being so close to them it was a very big choice to come out here. But, things we do for LOVE :)
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