So frustrated...

It's very frustrating to have so much family within minutes of me and yet no one will take either kid even for just a while, my husband won't take either kid for a while, it has been months since I've had a break and that break was to have Vivian. I know there are lots of moms that do it without any time to rest but it sure is not easy.

    Aw sorry. That's awful. I hope someone helps you out.We all need a break. At least once and awhile.✿
      I have a hard time letting them go. Not that I don't get frustrated or that I haven't been known at times to call grandma and....coerce... 'Andrew REALLY wants to play with (pick any toy at grandma's house), can he come play for a few hours while I clean?' Use the grandkid against them and then throw in that you have something so important to do it simply can't wait. It usually works. :)

      My ex MIL was famous for only wanting to take my oldest when it was convenient for her... So I stopped that for a few times (you don't babysit when I ask, you don't babysit at all) and it ended up in her taking her every weekend and even during the week. I'm a little more protective of my youngers.

      As for the husband. "Oh honey, I just put the baby down for a nap and we need 'x' from the store, if I take Andrew it'll just take me so much longer because of the car seat, I'll get you a Dr. Pepper.' Which usually helps the deal. Lol I think my negotiation skills are honing.

      Do they nap at the same time? Hugs Amy.
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