so i have a soon to be 3 yr old daughter she is in this phase that now if she doesn't get what she wants she says ugh I'm mad or ur mean has any other mom dealt with this or dealing with it

    Remember to stay calm and know that their feelings matter too. That's just part of growing up and learning that life is tough. There's a Daniel Tiger song from that goes " When you're feeling frustrated, take a step back and ask for help" also, " when you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four" helps them calm down then talk about the problem.
      Oh gosh I'm sure this is what Elise might say to me soon too! she trows horrible tantrums for about anything! I always ignore her, toddlers like to test your limits Its good to always remain calm.
        I'm loling because I think all kids at some point will go through this. My soon to 5y son, didn't like that he couldn't have candy and told me, he wish for a new mommy. Knowing he didn't understand what he was saying, I told him I was going to a new home and walked out the door, and took a nice time out.
        With in a few minutes (and daddy told him I was looking for a new family) he cried and I went back in knowing he got the message.
        Wright or wrong, that's how I showed him his actions have reactions, he hasn't said it again and well I got lots of hugs that night lol
        Hang in, she's just feeling her oats and asserting herself, as she may see mommy do from time to time.
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