Well one of the reasons I was gone from Moms.com is because I had surgery. I ended up finding out I had endometriosis. I always had severe pains in my stomach after I had my twin boys. It would be while having sex, exercising and just normal activities. I would constantly pee myself during normal funcations. It was a mess. So we ended up finding out I had endometriosis. I also had my tubes tied when they were in there too! I am now on something called Lupron. It is a shot I receive every 3 months to prevent the scar tissue from coming back. I feel like I have gone into menopause with it. I do not get my periods anymore and I am constantly getting hot flashes. Has anyone had this surgery? Do you take Lupron? How are you doing with it

Alyssa MartinezNew Port Richey, Florida
    Alyssa Martinez
    Thanks. I think your right
      Hope you feel better soon. Both me and my sister suffer from Endo. She had the surgery last year and yes, sometimes it can give you early menopause-like symptoms like hot flashes. No fun.
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