Getting Ready for the Holidays - Real Tree or Fake Tree?

How are you all getting your little ones excited about the holidays? We are just now putting up a tree and getting all of the lights out of storage. My dad decided to go with a real tree this year and was trying to convince me that it was safe, but I have seen one of the real ones catch on fire so I am very hesitant to get one.

Anyone here have a real tree? Are they safe? How do you care for them around the holidays to ensure they don't dry out?

Sorry it has been so long since I have been around. Started a new job with Mad Mimi!!! So excited and finally it looks like my schedule will even out from training.

    REAL tree.. all my little life :)

    We water it with a cup of warm water daily... when you FIRST get your tree, fill that puppy up with warm water.. all the way to the top.. it needs a good drink at first :) I think I've also heard adding sugar to the water helps ;) As far as catching on fire.. just be careful where you put your tree, as well as never EVER leave the lights on when you are not around.. people who leave the lights on while they sleep at night are just asking for something to happen!
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