Frequent bowel movements

My babies are having frequent bowel movements. I am breast feeding and formula. I have changed three different formulas to help to see if there is a difference. But the bowel movements continue without and only the texture has changed. Please help!

    Why are you breastfeeding and formula?

    It's been 10 years since I've had a baby on formula, so I all i can say from that is maybe they are allergic to the formula? Try getting a hypoallergenic formula if you are going to formula feed.

    For exclusively breastfeed babies, their poop will look seedy. Breastfed babies can only have a bowel movement once a week and be fine-it just means they are using all they get from the milk and there's no excess waste.

    How many is frequent? They could also be allergic to something you are eating. Common allergies are dairy and grain. Personally, I would contact a local La Leche League and talk to somebody.
      My three month old is almost ALWAYS poopy and it is perfectly normal. Every baby is different, some go every few days or a week if breastfed and some go all the time. I asked her doc about it because she is only breastfed like my son was at this age and he only went maybe once a day and doc said there was nothing to worry about, I'd just have more diapers to change lol If they are pooping and peeing frequently then that generally just means that they are healthy.
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