xD We shot guns, played with darts, played a game we called Throwing Knives, didnt use helmets or knee/elbow pads, sat in the back without seatbelts (especially in pickup trucks), almost never had adult supervision (we played out in the woods, walked to and from school from the time we were 6, wandered neighborhoods with just our friends, never wore lifejackets, sat in cars alone on hot days while Mom went shopping, had sleds pulled by 4 wheelers, never used sunblock, definitely played on unsafe, rusty playgrounds, fireworks, I had an ez bake oven (it barely worked), sat in the front seat, went trick or treating with just friends, sat on Granny's lap while she drove...

    Yeah, we more or less did "horrifying" things allllll the time lol
      I remember when it was normal to go out in a rain storm in my underwear and no one worried about getting struck by lightening or getting sick if we got sick we got sick it happens but we had fun
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