Challenging your gifted toddler.

My daughter is smart. She needs a challenge. She is advanced in motor skills, a long attention span, a full vocabulary, or the ability to use complex sentences. She has always shown a large amount of curiosity. I find I have to keep her from getting bored and find new and interesting activities beyond the norm. How do you moms keep your smart toddlers challenged??…

    Melissa Middleton
    I have a difficult time with Jonah because he is very curious. He took a remote control's back off one day and the batteries out so we have to keep everything that he is able to take apart up high, out of his reach. I plan on getting erector sets for him when he is older because that is what occupied me from disassembling things when I was younger, wondering how they operated--which I believe is the case with him. We also have to keep tools out of reach as well.

    Jonah's vocabulary backfires on us because he, sometimes, uses it to be sassy, which he gets from his older sibling. I get compliments from others who say, "He talks very well for his age." What they do not know is he uses it mainly to "backtalk." He told me one night while I was putting a diaper on him, "No, Mama, don't" and was trying to shove the diaper away. He then went and grabbed a pull-up instead and said, "here." We are in the process of potty training, but he has been laughing every time I put him on the potty. He is ready though because he takes off his diaper when he is wet or lets me know he needs changed.

    We get other sassy sayings such as,
    "I don't want to."
    "No, I don't."
    and "Why?" to name a few. The "why" came at 11 months. I was stunned as was not sure how to respond.

    But we also get sweet sayings like, "I love you."
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