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When my son was younger I made some cloth diapers for him and we did that for a while, I have started to do cloth with our baby girl and it's going ok, I need to get some already made pocket diapers cause I think this is the kind we want to go with. I got a few off brand ones just to see if I liked them....for cloth diaper moms, which ones are your favorites? I know there are a lot of name brand ones that are way beyond my budget, what others do you prefer?

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    I know I checked them out on that website... I think that's one of the sites that shipping is SO expensive on but I can't remember. I may have to break down and try them though. I ordered a few of the Alva brand today so we will see if I like them. I thought about trying the econobum with the prefolds but I think it would hold the wet on her skin too much. I like the pocket ones so far because of how dry her skin is when I change her. It's helped her rash go away too, which is one of my main reasons for switching. I'm not so concerned with leaks (the child leaks through everything, even disposables) lol its crazy how expensive some of them are...I would never pay the price for them...I just couldnt.
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      i have alva baby and they are cheap but good.. i am on my second child using them and i have no complains..
        I ordered a few Alva and a few Kawaii to see if I like them better...the ones I have work good, it would be nice to find something my little blow out queen can't blow out of! Lol
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