Ladies I want to ask a question. I am supposed to begin with my menstruation tomorrow and have a bit brownish colour today. I will test tomorrow and see what happens. Do you think I can begin drinking progesterone pills or are you only allowed to drink it when you are pregnant? Doesn't it help with fertility boost?

    I tried them before and it doesnt hurt giving ur body a boost but u can ask ur obgyn for advice
      when I had my first miscarriage my obgyn at that time told me that next time I get a positive preg test go to see her so she can fill a prescription for progesterone shoots,but I thought it may be too late if I wait that long to get them.Like I thought the next 2 pregnancies after that ended up on miscarriages,I didn't make it to the drs app and I was already going through the losses.So I found I friend that could get me the progesterone so I can apply them to prepare and boost my uterus.I think it worked,even though it took me a while to get pregnant after the last miscarriage,when I did it my baby hanged in there to full term.I think it does not harm,and some drs are very negative about your chances when you are in your 40's.I switched Drs like 3 times.