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Hello! I have a 2 month old that was born 4 weeks early. We were having her sleep in a napper/changer but she has quickly become too long for this. We are now transitioning to the pack and play bassinet. We tried this yesterday and it was awful! She only napped for a half hour during the day and woke up every 2 hours at night. We are setting up her crib today because if this is a phase I don't want to go through it again when we decide to go to her sleeping in a crib. I noticed yesterday she would wake up after getting out of her swaddle at night so we are trying a halo sleep sack where her arms are out because she hates them in. However during the day she would wake up from a nap as soon as we put her down. She is breastfed. Any suggestions? I'm frustrated!

    When you are nursing her, have a receiving blanket and wrap it around her so it gets nice and warm and smells like you. Before you lay her down, put the blanket down. It's helped mine-a nice warm place to lay and smells like mommy.
    I have also put a blanket UNDER a sheet that I put on the hard mattress thing in the pack n play. It makes it more soft, but still safe because the fluff isn't by their faces.
    Are you making sure you get her completely burped? Sometimes an air bubble gets stuck then comes to the surface after they get laid down and wakes them up.
    Personally, yes. Just make sure there is nothing bunched up around her face. I personally don't see the issue with belly sleeping-it's the only way my babies will sleep until they learn to roll over.
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