Bath time struggles

Hi everyone! Anyone ideas on what we can do to help my daughter get comfortable in the big bath tub? She has never been a fan of the water and has outgrown her baby bathtub. She has toys and bath tub crayons to play with though she still just screams through her bath. She also does not like the pool or getting too wet at the splash pad.

    It just took my kids time. My son still hates taking baths-but seems to be much better now that I can just leave him to his own devices (he's 5). If he's not clean when he comes out, he has to go back in. My three year old girl, though she hates water on her head, she likes showers better than baths (but she's also refused to let me help her). My 19 month old will either take a shower with me, or take a bath. in the bath she plays until she gets washed, then she's done.
    We quit going to the pool and splash pad entirely because they just don't like the water on their heads.
    You could try taking a bath with her, but other than that, I just don't know.
      That big bathtub is scary I'm sure! Have you tried making the tub seem smaller...I have seen where people use a large laundry basket to keep baby and toys in while in the bath, or maybe even try a kiddie pool in the tub until she gets used to it?
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