Potty training report

Hey everyone! So my son is about that age when we need to seriously think about potty training, and I have tried a few things. I am actually working on a report for school on this subject too, and I was wondering if any moms had some basic advice for me and also if they wouldn't mind being mentioned in my report? (It's just a class thing and online so only my teacher will see the report)

    I honestly don't even know how I potty trained Bentley. I live on the policy when their ready it will happen he potty trained himself. And has very few accidents.
      Have you tried a target or cheerios if you have him stand to pee or a reward system. My daughter is potty trained we started early, she shows signs and i ask every 20 - 30 minutes if she has to go. My niece took longer to train and my nephew did also.
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