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So a while ago I was having trouble putting my one year old to sleep in her own bed so I asked the doctor if she had any suggestions she said leave her in her crib and Let her cry it out. So last night she didn't want to sleep in her bed so I let her cry and my boyfriends mom came in and tried to take her after I asked her to leave her in and she said it was abuse and she was going to Call cps on me and took the baby anyways. Well we both were yelling at each other after that. And this morning my boyfriend said I have to apologize but I don't feel like I was the one in the wrong. So I need opinions and feedback.

    It is your choice. Some parents say cry it out works for them if you can get through the first few nights. What worked for us was to sit on the floor next to the crib and sometimes just hold her hand. It took a few weeks though I could not let her cry for more than 5 minutes without going in her room. Do whatever you feel is best.
      Thank you I appreciate all your opinions. Also she is 18 months and sleeps no more than a foot away from us its just she was put to sleep being held and was put down and she wanted to go back in the front room and I didn't want to give in because I want her to learn it is bed time. But living with his mother I don't get to make any decisions. They give her suckers after bath time before bed. They let her eat chips even tho I say no because she'll choke which she did. Anything that I say they do the opposite and it's very annoying she is my child and if she wants to raise a baby she should have her own.
        I personally let me 7 month old cry it out after I have exhausted all other ways of soothing her(bottle, dry diaper, cuddling for a little while) It is really hard to listen to, but my little one doesn't always like to take long naps during the day and gets overtired by the nighttime so she becomes a little monster to deal with :) I do not think it is abuse and my pediatrician recommended for both of my daughters.
        She should respect your choice on how you choose to raise/handle your daughter and trust that you wouldn't do anything to hurt your little one.
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