First Time Mom Question:

I'll be 10 weeks pregnant August 3rd, & my boobs themselves are fine, but my nipple has gotten so so sensitive & hurts every time my bra rubs against it or something...are there any creams or anything that will help with the sensitivity?

    That's totally normal because when our bodies go through pregnancies, they change so rapidly. One thing you can try is to place a nursing pad in your bra to see if that helps. I know nipple creams are safe when you breastfeed a baby but I've personally never used them when I was pregnant. Definitely ask your OB/Midwife when you see them next. They can also give you some advice about something that might work.
      Try some coconut oil. It really helps! It's totally normal for them to feel extra sensitive, it may come and go as your hormones adjust throughout your pregnancy. But the coconut oil should help. I think the lanolin cream is safe while you're pregnant but not sure, I used it on mine until I realized baby girl was allergic to it (but she's allergic to everything lol)
        I always heard not to put anything on your nipples, but that may just be after the baby is born and if you're nursing. Good luck!
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