Do you ever feel like you are being judge because you're a mom?

So this is a topic my own mother and I were having this evening. Do any of you other moms feel like you're being judge about having kids or being pregnant? I'm not talking about stuff like how you raise your kids or anything like that, but for the fact that you ARE a mom? And why do you feel like that is?

4NicoleLos Lunas, New Mexico
    Yep. I blame women's lib quite honestly. While I agree that that movement has done a lot of good for women, I believe it's done more bad. My understanding is that it was supposed to make it easier on women-and safer for those who were being beat by their husbands. But it's progressed to 'women have to work' and those who choose to have kids, and especially choose to have kids AND stay home with those kids are looked down upon. If women's lib was about choice, let each woman make her choice and be done with it.
      I do not.
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