How to deal with husbands hobby...

Moms, can I ask you about your hubbies? Do they have a hobby which takes a lot of time / money?
My hubby is a fan of strikeball (it's a game-play like a war, but with plastic bullets). We keep an arsenal of ​weapon at home - automats, guns, even wizzbangs (glad it's only toys - but looks like real weapon!). Every time he goes to plays it takes a day or two... And I should change my plans and wait for him... Some times he even flies to other city just to play strikeball with his team - and the result is... nothing but a few scratches on his face and a bag with "war stories" I should listen)).
I understand that "man needs war" and sometimes I even think he is cool like Rembo, but ladies... Spending weeks and hundreds (may be thousands, I dont even know) dollars for game... OMG! What is it for??
Ladies, help me to understand the meaning of hobbies in hubbies life))

    8Theresa Gould
    I honestly do not know what to tell you. I mean if it's something he enjoys and it's not putting any strain on your bank account, then support him and be thrilled for him even though you don't understand. That's what marriage is all about. If it is putting a strain on finances then it's time to talk to him about your concerns.

    My husband is really a cheapskate (he'd say frugal, but I say he's cheap! lol! I'm frugal!) so he really doesn't have any expensive hobbies. He use to buy lots of CDs and basketball shoes but now I have to be sure he gets new shoes or clothing because he won't buy anything for himself until its falling a part. Seriously. Even then he always asks me how much I spent, I'll tell him, but will also tell him he needed it and I wanted to buy him something. He usually doesn't say anything after that. :) Because when it comes down to it, he likes to be thought of and enjoys his gifts as much as I enjoy giving them.
    I agree with Theresa.. if financially it is all fine and he just loves it.. let him be and try to support him... guys need outlets too :) If money or changing your whole schedule is getting too much.. maybe just chat with him about budgeting more and making it work better for you both! Could you ever sight see in the city he goes to? That would be fun for both!

    My husband boxes! And he loves it... so I love it for him. He gets up in the wee hours of the morning during the week to go and financially it works just fine :)
      It is very good that you husband has a hobby, it is much better than if he were sitting in a bar with his friends and drinking beer. Of course everything should be the measure. Try to talk to him and explain that you do not mind, but, for example, in one weekend, he spends time with you, and in one weekend, he can do his favorite thing.But in general, I think that all is gonna changed with the birth of a child))))
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