Feeling sad

Any ideas for me to stop being sad​

Yes im home from the hostpial and the reason is i have a cast on my leg and i have to stay in bed all day and my husband left a hour ago to go on bussnense trip and if i want to walk i have to use crugches which r a pain and im lonely, sad, and overwhelmed. Forgive spelling errors im typing this on my nook
My friends are busy but ups yesterday just delvered my new book. I cant wait o read it i will start right now!
Its the 1rst hunger game book! I am 25 but i love that series. I may watch a movie as well...
I'm glad you found something to do that will hopefully take your mind off things and be enjoyable. If you read the book and watch the movie, let me know which one you like better! Also... We here at moms.com are totally here to talk to if you're down. :)
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