The "Mine" Stage

My daughter is learning ownership. Everything is Autumn's. A great development milestone. Sharing at this age isn't a toddler's strong side, but it's a learning one. Toddlers don't have an understanding of time at this stage, so asking to hand over something that is not theirs in 5 min is not going to work. To teach your toddler to share, ask her/him if you can have a turn. Going back and forth with this will teach your toddler to share.

    Melissa Middleton
    We have not hit the "mine" stage yet. My (step) daughter will be 12 and she still despises sharing. Lol Jonah still shares; he likes for everyone to play with his toys. I am hoping he skips the whole, "everything is mine" stage but I am only dreaming.

    I agree with you about the time. They are too young to comprehend that. We applaud Jonah when he shares which encourages him to want to share more.
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