6 month milestones

Amelia had her 6 month check up this week. Her doctor said she's a happy, healthy little baby :-)
His only small concern was that she isn't sitting on her own yet. He recommended a physical therapist visit our house just to make sure her motor skills are OK. She sits well when propped up but can't do it herself yet.
How old were your babies when they sat by themselves? I'm not too worried and my doctor isn't either....He said "better to be safe than sorry" and I agree....

    My little one just started sitting up independently and she is almost 8 months. With my oldest, her pediatrician recommended the same thing because she only slept on one side and they were concerned. We took her to a physical therapist and they said get a bumbo seat so that she could work on strengthening her back..............I wouldn't spend the money on a physical therapist. If you work with her, she will get there on her own time.