Those Evil Cuspids

So far, my son has all eight incisors and four molars. He was an early teether so many of these came in earlier than the baby teeth chart indicates (he began teething at 4-4.5 months and the two bottom central incisors popped in at 5 months). All tips of the four cuspids have popped through about two weeks ago and they seem to be taking forever...torturing the poor tot. These are by far the worst because he never made a fuss over his molars or other teeth coming in (besides the top central incisors since they were big). But, he has not been screaming that much over them. He has a high tolerance for pain but, there are times, when he cannot handle it and that is when he is extremely fussy. Not to mention, we are in the process of potty training and the diarrhea is not helpful.

His teeth had came in twos and fours, except for two bottom lateral incisors, which came about two days apart. I apologize for the rambling.

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