Early arrival.

palett goes meone made and early arrival the other day. Theresa Ann was born on August 12. My doctor was going to induce me on thw 13, but she didn't want to wait till then. I started to have contractions early Wed morning, went for my doctors appointment, and she said that I was 5 cm and in active labor. I was taken to the hospital and within an hour or so, she made her apperence.

I wasn't even out of getting checked into the hospital, my water broke. No time for pain meds, nothing. I promise I will post some pictures of her when we get somethings taken care of first.

I told you loving moms that my daughter had a cleft lip on her left side of her mouth. Well come to find out after I had her, she has a double cleft lip and her left side palet goes all the way back to her throat. It's going to be a long journey, but will get through it.

Wasn't expecting to have a fully natural birth, but did. I give you ladies that have/had one a lot of credit. It hurt. My SO is upset with them as well. They triesd paging them numberous times and by the time he got to where I was with Ashley, I delivered her already. He was fumming like crazy. Plus he was upset due to them just hanging everything out.

Have a good weekend moms. Going to be a long weekend in my house.

    Melissa Middleton
    God bless you all and the new edition. I hope things start running more smoothly.
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