Pregnant again! (With diastasis recti)

Hi all! I recently found out I'm pregnant with my second. During my first pregnancy I got diastasis recti (where your stomach muscles split) and I'm wondering what that will mean for my second time around. It's not really bad - only about one finger width - but I've read that it could be problematic in some areas and I'm wondering if other moms have experienced this.

    I hope other moms on this site can support you with that same problem. I've been in the medical field a long time, and I was wondering if you did either physical therapy or exercise called a Tupler technique?? It involves certain exercises done while wearing a belly splint, which protects and holds the ab muscles together. If so did you do this after your first before you became pregnant again? There are certain exercises to do now, but I am sure your doctor told you. Let us know. This is a great topic to share with all moms. Hugs.