My "little" Vivian...

She's not so little anymore. At almost 4 months old she is is mostly 12 month clothes, some 6-9 month stuff but not much. She can roll both ways, if she could get that belly off the ground she may just crawl (she's got the motion down) and yet she refuses to hold herself up most of the time. She swats at anything she sees and will grab glasses off a persons face before they even realize what she's done. She is a smiling giggly girl, until it's almost bed time and then she is a grump but she sleeps 8-12 hours straight most nights. She loves to torture her brother and is a total Daddy's girl. She is my lazy little chunk and I love her! :-)

My "little" Vivian...My "little" Vivian...My "little" Vivian...My "little" Vivian...My "little" Vivian...My "little" Vivian...
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    I'm kind of hoping nthats what she does. Lol
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