Dads and Daughters

The father-daughter bond is a special bond. From birth until adulthood, father's can play a very vital role in their daughters future. When a daughter has a close relationship with her father, she is more likely to make good decisions about her choices in life. When a girl interacts with their father on a regular basis, they have more exposure to their father's pheromones, which delays the onset of puberty, thus promiscuity and pregnancy are more likely not to happen. Respect your daughter's mother. Your daughter will love and respect you more when you show respect to her mother. A father should not be afraid to be affectionate (hugs,kisses and holding her hand) A father should always be there for important dates, schedule father-daughter dates, get involved in her interests, respect her uniqueness. Urge her to love her body and who she is. Show your daughter you see her as a whole person capable of anything. Always listen without offering advice. Girl love to talk, they don't always need advice, they just want someone to listen to their thoughts and feelings.

My daughter has a strong relationship with her dad. I am thankful everyday that he takes the time to take her out, read to her everyday, play with her everyday and show her lot's of love and affection.

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