what to do?

What are you to do when the man you love the man whos suppose to support you through ups and downs and be concerned about your feelings, thoughts and concerns is the one who destroys you and tares you down? Why is it he can't seem to understand hes responsible for the tears you cry all night until you fall asleep? Why does he not realize he is the reason you feel hopeless and unworthy? You spendd all day all night with your kids cooking cleaning playing feeding while trying to do your own homework cause you deciced to go to school but yet as soon as he gets home its an arguement ? All of a sudden you are the blame for others faults and you now are a bad mother a bad person a bad wife/girlfriend? No matter how hard the struggle of trying to be a good mom a good person a good friend it seems that is something i will never be.

    hang in there i know its difficult its not easy having kids and going to school ....i was in your shoes too... you need to stay strong i know its hard and difficult to do everything yourself ..its not easy but you have to realize thAT YOUR doing the best you can .... try doing something that makes you feel good and when he tries to blame you for something you did not do just turn around and get your children and go out somewhere ...ex. the park .... stay away from negativity its not good for you or your children because they are watching too.....dont tell him nothing just ignore him and try to remain calm dont let him hurt you ...you are better than that ..crying is not an option you need to be strong for your children and if he doesnt want to realize that you are a good wife then he doesnt deserve your tears ...NO MAN DESERVES OUR TEARS AND BE STRONG FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN THEY NEED YOU .....IF YOU EVER WANT TO TALK IM HERE FOR YOU... BE STRONG
        take a break and walk away from the him for a while, sometimes men have a hard time leaving work at work and they bring home their stress which then transitions into and adds to the stress of daily life that is already there a home. My husband is the perfect example of this and It doesn't matter that I have worked all day at home, cleaned up the house, fed the kids and helped w/homework, all that matters is that he has had a bad day so everything else becomes null and void and we argue.
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