When to stop bottle

My son is 19 months old. He only gets a bottle when he goes to bed and it's water, not milk. Is there a certain time or age that I should stop the bottle at bedtime and if so just put him to bed with nothing or a sippy up?

    About a year and no longer than 18 months should your baby/toddler be on the bottle. The bottle is a great comfort source for babies, but slowly replacing the bottle with a sippy cup is best. Find other comfort sources for him. Get books from your local library about big kids don't need bottles now. Talk to him about no more bottles at bedtime. Keep him busy busy busy all day with lots of physical activities. By the time bath and bedtime come, he should be too tire to care about the bottle. Good luck.
    So instead of a bottle at night which is the only time he gets it give him a sippy cup instead?
    Thank you.
      Melissa Middleton
      Keep introducing the sippy cup more often.
        Thanks ladies. He used his sippy cup for 2 nights and now he sleeps on his own without it.
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