When I had our son, it was a horrible experience. Part of what made it a horrible experience was being forced into being given an epidural which then caused me to have uncontrollable stuttering and upper buddy convulsions for several hours. (My doctor didn't follow the birth plan we had discussed and basically used my pain against me to manipulate me into being treated like his "normal" patients that had agreed, prior to being induced, to have an epidural.)

I have to have surgery again this week for my wrist (which they plan to use a nerve block for, which from what I understand is similar to the epidural meds) and I am concerned that I will end up with a similar reaction.

Did anyone else experience a similar reaction to the epidural medications?

    With my feet c-section the meds they gave me made me shake uncontrollably and itch all over. I told them about it when I had my second c-section and they were able to adjust the meds and I had just a light reaction. I would tell them that you had the problem with the epidural and they should be able to give you something else.
    They also don't always use the same meds either when they do surgery on one part of your body. I remember when I had surgery on my hand, they gave me a shot in my arm and only my arm and hand were numb.
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