Teaching your toddler to lace, snap, button and zip!

The problem today is too much velcro shoes. Teaching your child as early as 2-3 to lace a shoe, will teach them to tie their shoes. Dress up dolls, or boards with snaps, buttons, zippers and laces is a great way for your toddler to learn these life skills. Wooden shoes with laces are on Amazon.com. Homemade busy boards with zipper, button, snaps, laces ect.., is a fun inexpensive way to teach your toddler to dress and lace their shoes. If you have a boy another great homemade busy board is latches, hinges, light switches ect. Get creative and teach your toddler old school life skills.. Forget the velcro!

    I will not let my seven year old where Velcro sneakers, I make her pick out shoes w/laces so she is forced to remember how to tie her shoes. A friend of mine that is a pre-school teacher gave me a really good idea for teaching little ones to tie their shoes. Give them one of your shoes since the laces are bigger since the laces are bigger and easier to work with; then let them practice lacing and tying the shoe on their lap. Once they have gotten the hang of it that way, then have them try with their shoes on their feet. It really worked well w/teaching my oldest how to tie her shoes.
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