Toddler car sickness.

When our daughter was at the weight to turn her carseat around to face the front, she gets car sickness. This has been a challenge in preventing her from vomiting . It's been a challenge going places. I have read a few articles, and I have taken a few steps in preventing only the clean up process, but she still vomits every time I travel with her. What have you moms tried?

A few things I have done to prevent her from getting car sick.

1) Lollipops. I am in the process of trying Queasy pops.
2) Eating a healthy meal or snack before going out.
3) Crackers, or Gingersnap cookies.
4) Singing to keep her focused and looking forward.

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      Bethany Reilly
      We actually are doing extended rear facing. Not sure if youve heard of it but our 23 month old son is still rear facing and will be until he's much older. It's also safer so you can still turn her back around and not have to worry about it.
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